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  1. I think that's best way to put it lol. Thank you. I think 3rd is good enough.
  2. Good effort. Too bad you didn't win. I really thought that you would. Now I'm not gonna say a fake congrats because that's like saying congrats to Michael Phelps when he finished second to that Germany swimmer this July in Rome. Anyways, good job on your election campaign and try again if there's ever a next time.
  3. lol sounds like the whole point in a cheerleader is to look pretty and cheer....not to someone though lol
  4. Yeah it's a good thing. I think most cheerleading routines are lame. They don't actually cheer me on in a game.
  5. lol Cheerleader hu? Never been one of those. I hope that's a good thing though lol
  6. Hi, how's it going? You know, you really look like this one cheerleader that I used to know in high school.
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