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  1. Stalking is no fun with permission.. at least play along, geesh :P
    How have you been? Is life treating you well?
  2. Feel free to stalk
  3. Oh, such a nice avatar you have.
    (soz, boredom.. stalking people here. Fun tho! )
  4. No pieces of pie were spared from their killer that was my mouth
  5. A belated happy birthday greeting for you.
    Now... on to the more important stuff...

    Did you save me a piece of pie?
  6. Yes, making up stories and hope they hit a mark Make it vague so it can fit a secret on there head
  7. So.. what dirt do we have on him?
    Or maybe it doesn't even matter, we can make some juicy stories up *grin*
  8. I saw we start with the brain of things, Rota >: )
  9. Guess we have a plan then.
  10. heh, black mail them back. Force them to make sigs and threads for our own amusement. That'll solve everything
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