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  1. We should force people to come back! I bet if the people that are still here put their heads together we can come up with so much dirty secrets of those who left.. *evilgrin*
  2. Yup. Guess we'll see how it goes. It'll probably be a long process if anything with this recovery stage >>
  3. Well, let's hope for the best. It's bit of a circle huh, I mean with other sections being pretty inactive, its only logical it's not really attracting people.. people you need to get it rolling again.
  4. lol, well don't expect that answer to be helpful anywhere but here, so don't worry

    It is quiet. Can it change ? Of course. Will it? I can't answer that. It doesn't have the same spark it did to attract members before. It seems to me there are more members in terms of game sections, but in places like OT/gfx, not as much.
  5. Hmm yeah that would be a logical explanaiton why I rarely seem able to rep anyone, lol. Here you can see I am not a rep expert, I had no idea. Blonde huh!

    It is really, really quiet.. you think that can still change?
  6. Hello luda

    Yeah, rep given through people, not time sadly .. I noticed, a lot of people have seemed to gone away for quite awhile, it's a bit boring round here sometimes..
  7. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Reasoner again.

    Ive barely been around for the last months, and still can't give you some, now that's a shame.
    Good to see you are still around, so many have left over time huh..
  8. Glad you like it! If you need another one, or you magically are capable of thinking of specific wishes, lemme know
  9. It's Great thanks
  10. Barely there.. the life signs, or at least on the www.
    I have the morning off, had to visit the toothgrinder. Lucky me.
    Anyways, here's one. Lemme know what you think.
    Like I said, avvies are fairly easy and barely time consuming..
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