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  1. Glad you like it! We're really happy with it, and I'll be happier once we get the last little gremlins out.
  2. dave, I must say, thank you very much for the evoween items.
    The fact you get treats that lead to a random prize, for me has actually made farming for gems more enjoyable, as I know I have a good chance of getting the 10 items easily then getting a treat bag

    Maybe you could make this system perma, with maybe a changing theme, or incorperate it into christmas with like stockings or something, but I like this system, so hopefully it'll be back after evoween

    Good work
  3. Although only seen a small information about it, Digi Social seems to be something that will be quite cool. Just wondering, do you have any rough idea what month it'll be released?
  4. @Evil hmm I was thinking Phoeniz origonally, but then on the sig it said "Flaming CHICKEN", lol

    Hey wait a minute... a Phoenix is still a Bird :P lol
  5. PS Love the flaming bird, lol
  6. After a long process of thinking for 2minutes - I came to the conclusion on whether or not you get rep...*dun dun dun* and after the clogs in my brain turned...they decided...that you...did....infact...deserver and also a complement on the quick responce, thanks and keep up the good work
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