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    It has to be fancy feast daily -- it's wet cat food, and cat's are finicky. We won't eat old cat food unless we are desperate. I would just meow and cry until you got me some fresh stuff
  2. Huh... whut.... oh crap....

    *Leaves out enough food for a week*
  3. so for the record you now feed me when I'm in my Kitty form, your not allowed to disagree either :P *from an OT thread*
  4. Ooohh

    Infusion is pretty good. Nice
  5. I'm happy in Infusion - they took me when i had 0 pres on an already well established server and they are good people
  6. I'm still curious, if only because you could probably fit into my alliance's sub.
  7. i'm tiny there - a complete no-name lol. My name on server 139 though is "alanna of pirates swoop" still rather small compared to some - but I actually want to claim that character lol
  8. Who are you on there?
  9. just for fun - server 139 is still my main
  10. You uhh... you joined ss47..?
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