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  1. Is it possible to get this:
    closed before the flaming continues?
  2. Oh wait, it was actually Saturday night that I tried adding you...
  3. Huh? I didn't know you requested me! PM me your Sykpe name and I'll add you tonight
  4. I noticed you never accept me on Skype.
  5. Putting any "potential" users name is technically against the rules even if it's a bot it's considered "insulting" to accuse someone We've sent the name up but I try to be as diligent as I can in removing names.
  6. Putting that spambot's name isn't allowed? Hmm.. didn't know that..
  7. Well the warning to him will hopefully have him stop. Lets hope! lol
  8. Last Activity: Today 01:14 PM
    Current Activity: Viewing Thread i'm the real ghstdog and i don't play ur server

    So much editing in that thread... lol
  9. Oh wow... Satan's guide? Yeah maybe I deleted more than I thought!

    When I posted that it was on page 42... Most of it was useless bickering unfortunately.
  10. We're talking about the same guide right? I only see 19 pages...
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