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    Is a spam bot. How'd both you and Wildor fall for it?
  2. Yes. That's exactly right.
  3. Sooo.. you're implying that you're not a noob by saying that?
  4. I don't think you're a girl. You've always seemed like a man to me!
  5. Thanks No need to look here, move along, move along.
  6. Give it time you'll be fine. Java's annoying as heck but it's like any computer language, once you learn the logic, you're set! Give it a year and you'll be like "*pffft* Java problem? That's easy! See? *type type type type* Done!" Good luck on the course, btw!
  7. Computer programming... I hate it lol
    I'm in a course for Java and I fail at it sooooo much :P
  8. I changed it. I've been coding tonight and my brains all html code-mode...
  9. lol? Why were you using html tags as bbcode?
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