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  1. Yes, click on the building then click the red circle in the picture and you can choose to demolish it level by level or all at once.
  2. Hi,

    Is it possible to demolish one of the building inside my city?
    I notice I have some dynamite in my resources, would that help?


  3. No, I actually don't get paid to be a moderator, Doesn't really surprise me though in actuality.

    I need one for a steady source of income, I need any type of paying job bad right now.

    Your Welcome and Glad I could help.
  4. I'm sure this will come as a surprise but I'm a Junior in High School right now. Been meaning to look for a part time job though.
  5. That's great, makes perfect now you have explained it so simply.

    I have found this game, and I am hooked.
    What isyour job, if you don't mind me asking?


  6. Population trend is dependent on your cottages and tax rate.

    the formula for population is,
    MP *L(decimal) = Current Population
    MP = Map Population
    L = Loyalty

    To find max population, each cottage adds it's level *100 to the previous amount so,
    1: 100
    2: 100 + 200
    3: 100 + 200 + 300

    You can do the rest from there.

    Once you find that do the math and if your current population is higher then what is stated in the equation then your population trend will be downward until it reaches the correct number. Usually this happens because you changed the tax rate or demolished some cottages.

    Hope I helped,
  7. Why does the population trend decrease? What are the causes, and how an you stop it?
    Thanks Mark
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