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  1. Lol I was just checking for life signs I have been doing fine, busy as well.

    Don't worry about it if you can't do it today , like I said, I understand what busyness does.
  2. *Pokes back*
    Ive been soooooo extremely busy! But the good news is, I am starting on it now, lol
    So howve you been?
  3. Poke heh
  4. lol!

    Ava's don't really take that much time, plus I think I've some ideas. I'll show you tonight
  5. Well I dont want to put you on the spot or anything , so take as long as you want with it I am in no rush. Thanks again !
  6. You, bad with specifics, really? xD
    But that seems doable

    Yeah I guess it is a lot different. Still, both have a lot of annoying people to deal with. The fun part was I could toss em around, and throw em in my dungeon for interrogation.
    Thinking of that, I kinda miss that. Had tons of fun. I don't think Lycos even has a chat anymore nowadays.
  7. A complete avatar from scratch I guess would do well I know I am realllly bad with specifics, so you can do anything ? Maybe have my name on it with something green in the back XD

    And sorry to hear about the drama.. A chat is a bit different then a forum though
  8. Subtile. :P

    Sure can. Would that be yours in green or just a completely new one?

    Yeah I get that on the modding part. It's not exactly the same thing but ive been a navigator on a chat site for a few years. Really enjoyed that, untill some people got a bit powerhungry and there was too much drama between "staff".
  9. Thinking about it, can you make me a green avatar maybe ?
  10. You're right, I was never really with it on the fashion of things

    My job as a mod ? I would say I'm enjoying it You learn a lot of thing pretty fast. It's easier to understand if you did it imo.
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