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  1. Why would I need to get it approved! I see no goverement, Maybe ill form my own?
  2. You're giving the wrong impression to your customers then.
    You're also trying to revolutionize a new wage, without even getting it approved.
  3. No, The full stops inbetween the characters give the wrong impression.
  4. You would have made a B.I.B.L.E shop, not a bible shop.

    There. He eats all your "B.I.B.L.E"'s.

    How does this refer to the Religouse text, "The Bible".
  6. Bible: The Bible refers to one of two closely related religious texts central to Judaism and Christianity—the Hebrew or Christian sacred scriptures respectively.

    Forum rules explicitly state no Religion based topics.

    Also, you tried to create a new currency. OT just started up the economy again. No need for whatever your currency is.
  7. Why cant I create a Bible shop, whats wrong with it.

    Explain please!
  8. Take a hint.
    Stop trying to create a "bible" shop.
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