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  1. If your up for it heh, I can send you plenty of res, but I know its alot of effort so dont feel like you have to. Right im gonna watch a movie and then sleep, nice talking again mate.
  2. Well I can always attempt to restart but I don't think they'd take a brand new account... and I'm quite horrible in the first month or so when my techs ain't maxed
  3. hah, shame would have liked to play together again. But youd have to teach me acouple of things XD
  4. Well damn. I coulda joined y'all.

    I was in EthicX
  5. Destruct, ranked 15 at the moment. Alliance needs some fixing but there a good bunch. Forum mod now good goin
  6. ss47 lolz (also on 151 on the side)

    What alliance are you in? I was on 153 for few weeks... reset 'cuz I didn't have time.
  7. Yeah Im playing on 153. Havnt played in a long long time and the the ammount of misshaps that are happening are amazing me.. I saw some of your hits on the battle report section, what server do you play on, must be a pretty old server now I guess.
  8. Heeeyyy bro you're back now?
  9. Meh, in my eyes they have always been like it. StormSurge was the person I dissliked the most, but no idea what hes doing now.
  10. lol that sucks...
    I've been on and off (mostly off) for the past 2 or 3 weeks, so I don't know wtf is goin on anymore lol
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