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  1. Nah Deuc still has control of the GD/Battle reports section. Eric basically went inactive, (or finished going inactive) He had been headed down that path for a long time, ever since he quit ss38 hes time on the forums was less and less.

    But i am the lone mod for my section yes lol. Tho AA And Alu still help out from time to time.
  2. It appears you are now the lone Mod? lol and what happened to orange man?
  3. Can you please approve my post in the Na1 Thread, ty in advance
  4. Never underestimate trans my good man, never.
  5. You know - I under estimated until now how UBAR transporter bombs are ;(

    But to see what finally made me realise, it's that a warrior bomb or archer bomb only drops 3 LOY on a HC... But I trans bomb'd it

    seen here:

    - 4 LOY?? Trans now have my respect.
  6. My post isn't showing lol I'll resubmit it
  7. Yeah i can see em allready got your post in that thread btw lol.
  8. Tried to post the link here, but it got moderated, so not sure if you can see it or not
  9. Yeah No problem, I can approve it if its in my section, If you put a link to the thread in the post i can do it faster, Cause it makes the post easyer to find
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