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  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!! *hug*
  2. lol I wouldn't doubt it, we "drop one another a line" a lot
  3. I just realized that our "conversation" is 46 pages long :O
  4. lol I've been good, glad to hear you're keeping busy
    Me no Skype because I work 12 hrs a day now. Boourns :P
  5. O.o Anyways, it's been alright, pretty quiet neither then a big sudden rise of playing a lot of soccer.

    Y u no skype??
  6. lol it isn't (I'm a girl! )

    How you been?
  7. Hey there AA How's it hanging?
  8. Peek-a-boo :P
  9. Thanks you <3
  10. Happy 27th birthday AA
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