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  1. As long as it stays constructive and doesn't turn into a flaming pile of.. spam, I don't see why not!
  2. Lol, being Evony Mods such a heavy task. Every time Dawnseeker post update there 85% of destructive comment out there posting.
    Btw can i open thread : What is Mods jobs description according to you??
  3. I sent you a PM
  4. Hope i do got warning first before they land an infraction on me.... Lot ppl call me Kiss Ass, they don't know my mean try to made them out from ban. Satan down, follow by Napolleon. Don't want other to get the same result. Check at my mail to you, you think i deserve this infraction before warning first?
  5. Hi Angel, can you ask Foxy about player that missing their troops. Is that any compensation for them. Coz they already spent time and money for build the army and they do deserve the compensation. Thanks for your help.
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