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  1. The game won't start until next Friday. I think this past one was too rushed. So I'll make the thread on Sunday and give everyone Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday to sign up, remember that they signed up, and come play.
  2. Damn, I'm going to have to miss that one as well. What are the chances for a round three happening?
  3. I'm starting it again on Sunday, well I'm starting sign ups for a new game.
  4. So assassins didn't go so well? That sucks that game actually had some serious potential.
  5. I'm lost as well, I guess this convo went nowhere ... its a shame it started off so promising
  6. explain


    i'm so lost
  7. It's not worth typing out an explanation
  8. what the hell are you talking about

    that made no sense to me
  9. I was gonna say ... that whole escapade was beginning to resemble the modern day movement of feminism with all of its hypocrisy.
  10. I'm sorry for yelling. *jdm* was being a poopy and making me angry.

    I forget what the purpose of Rep Jihad was. I was really drunk when I joined that group and forgot all about it.
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