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  1. Well, it came to me when Furrr said Joe is a civvy. She was confirmed civvy, so she had some weight in her words. But obviously that didn't confirm it. I knew that I was a civvy (obviously) and I knew Gr8unky was a civvy, so assuming Furrr was telling the truth, that left you and BS. Later, you told me Revo confirmed BS as civvy. If you were civvy, you wouldn't lie about that. If you were mafia you wouldn't lie because I could get into contact with Revo and ask. Which told me he was a civvy. That left you. I looked at your voting in all the rounds. Not a single time did you vote for mafia, unless they were confirmed publicly.
  2. Alright, you got me curious. How'd you figure out it was me before BS died? :P
  3. Hey, it was fun, but I had you figured out before BS got killed even....but I don't think I'm allowed to say more than that till the game is finished :P
  4. Sorry to use ya like that all game Death. I needed people who trusted me. :P

    Good luck next game.
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