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  1. Uhh okay ... I probably won't recognise them any better next time, but thanks for the tip? :P
  2. Well, the post is gone now. Just saying, usually those type of spambots have those ad pictures in the bottom of their posts, then they have a a post from the forum which makes them look "normal"
  3. What? .................
  4. That person that was in "frequently asked questions" thread was a spambot btw.
  5. I do not agree that it was profane - but fine.
  6. Mainly the profanity in it.
  7. so - the content or the fact that it was stated by awesomeX or both?
  8. I actually didn't , but it did contain words off the profanity filter with awesome X's quote..
  9. I see that you already did. What was wrong with it?
  10. Please remove that sig quote.
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