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  1. VBulletin needs a like button so I can like Norr's last comment like a proper groupie.
  2. Thanks lol, and we arnt Psycho, Mildly kookie but not Psycho Lmao
  3. grats babe - leader of a psycho evony religion or not, you'll be an awesome mod
  4. We have a legit 100k+ transport bomb. It was accidental but still counts. MUHAHA we win heathen Lmao.

    but seriously its my new favorite report on these forums.
  5. Well then, you're welcome :P
  6. i must acctually thank you for your Heathen ness, and lack of Holy bomben spirit, Because your "PMS" ridden posts as Eric called them, Acctually helped generate interest in my Transport bomb thread So Thank you Heathen. It really is a shame you refuse silly cults, Sometimes there fun

    Holy Bombfather. (yes i just made that up then)
  7. Hehehe Be Converted Oh Heathen!!! For a 100k+ transport bomb kill has been found

    Unfortunately its a set up, But its an awesome report even you must admit.
  8. Thanks for the rep Not quite to a light green yet i dont know how much you need to get it either lol. im at about 452 points of rep so far
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