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  1. Your welcome hunny.... Enjoy it x
  2. Thanks for the gift I will treasure it forever
  4. Hey hun where have you been? I haven't heard from you in soooooooo lonnggggg... Hope your doing well and keeping busy with the sig's... Miss youxox
  5. Yes plz sweetie that would be great . I have been really busy with work so not much time on the game as before..
  6. Hello hunny, Hope your good, need a banner made for your new thread? Let me know if u do and ill see if i can come up with something xtra special for you asap!
  7. Haven't really been up to much just been working my ass off. Thats about it really..
  8. Yay! =)

    Ive not been upto much, just the same old. Went to watch the Tetbury Woolsack races today (google it) that was intressting. How have you been?
  9. Yeah I did actually alot . What have you been up to ? And how are you ?
  10. Im glad you like it ... xxxx
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