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  1. SunFlash

    700k prestige
  2. yea whats ur game name on the server? yea i just passed 140k pres lol so got alot tl pick up lol
  3. its ok. not great, i feel a little small sometimes, was pounded while i was offline, although my city setup was good enough so i lost nothing cept 70k warriors....
  4. whats up emma? hows everything going on s158? im getting up there trying to get up fast to join yall in SpetznaZ
  5. I coin rarely but only being on an hour a day at the moment all I would do is drag yall down so ill have to wait till I get at least a nice size and join
  6. i dont coin
  7. Yea he offered to bring me in spetnaz as well but since I can't coin and only get an hour a day at the library due to ney failure at home but ill fall behind quick at the pace I'm at
  8. im in spooner's alliance now, just hit 50k, titans kicked me, the ******
  9. Doing good almost got 20k pres I know I'm late lol but I'm gettin there the hero hunting is pi**in me off though and the gold
  10. so how is 158?
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