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  1. Just saying the occasional hi for when you come back on to have a nosy at the RP section :P

  2. lol Its actually on the 26th but yeah I'll probably be off till then (Though I may hop on once in a while). Anyway thanks!! it's most appreciated
  3. Happy B day Kingale!
  4. Lol it's all good with whoever you go with. I don't think I'm going to use Shadow much except on occasion to get out of a sticky situation, so if you want him you can have him. Just offering, or you can go for another. I'm adaptable lol.
  5. ..... Ok Maybe not knuckles lol. But yeah I'll have my app finalized later today.
  6. Thanks, but I got my inspiration from Alvin Earthworm's Newground vids he and his friends made. And Knuckles dies off in the episodes but if you post fast enough I won't let Koops take him out lol.
  7. Lol. Yeah I think I will go for knuckles but Ill probably post my app later on in the day while I try think of other possible characters.

    Oh and a cool RP idea by the way lol
  8. Shadow, Mario, Lugui, take your pick lol. There's more besides I'm sure.
  9. Yeah I was gonna put an App in (I wanted to be Donkey Kong lol) soon. I was just thinking what character I wanted to be lol
  10. Hey Kingale, I could use your help with my Super Mario Bros Z. Check out the OOC if you're interested. Glad to see you around regardless.
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