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  1. O hey guess who I am.
  2. Hey, I take back that your tied for for best rep.

    Mr.Product is waay better I dunno what I was thinking. lol... I need sleep.
  3. Nice avatar, the new doctor. Who correct?
  4. Your vm box is emptier then my pm box! So quiet... do I hear a echo?
  5. Ok something is screwed up. I'm going to send you a update with a screenshot to prove I'm not going insane.
  6. Heya L.

    Is it me or are there lots of reports of people unable to attack and abandon citys :/? IF you know nothing about it I could always test my luck on it.
  7. Logrus. Ima send the report on both ages in a few hours, there was a delay, and to make sure the results are accurate I have to wait 3 hours :/ And what the heck is going on ??

  8. Get my pm ? It'll be finalized tomorrow morning.
  9. I posted it on her vms, thanks for your output. Ironically enough this just happened to someone in the recently in the king bar.
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