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  1. Ummm.... nope.
  2. The cool club is me, norr, lucas, BS, acer, mati, ssf, siphon, tipperary, noobtank, rewster, awesomeness5577 and sickness. And now you
  3. Post something worthy of an infraction and you'll get infracted...

    But who the heck is in the cool club anyway?
  4. We got banned for.. Using a glitch, botting.. Idk, some random reason lol.

    Yes, your hammer makes you supercool. But I dont have one, so I need an infraction please
  5. LOL

    That's what happened... Whatever got you guys banned anyway?

    In other news, aren't I in the cool club for wielding a hammer?
  6. You gave me a warning the last time. That's not even half of what an infraction is worth in the cool-club!
  7. Sorry bout 164, we got banned there lol. Wanna give me an infraction as a payback? lol
  8. Pretty button! Shiny... shiny...

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