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  1. thank you any way
  2. I wish I could do something but there not on my serrver or alliance. There in Legion so not sure how I would be able to help.

    Former CS2 United States Navy
  3. Dear Sir,
    I am a Corpsman medic for the USMC. I was sent a email from ahmed_ this message is very insulting. can you please take action to make sure he stops sending me messages. i will send it to my friends in the USMC that are fighting in afghanistan I am sure they will have some strong words to say about MR Ahmed.

    FROM MR. ahmed

    "lmao so u think u just shoot.huh?
    what else u idiots can do rather than shooting civilians or counting n taking dead bodies from afghanistan....
    even after years of war and most advanced ammunition u just claimed defeat and announced to get back hahahaha
    and i really am from pakistan wanna meat me? "

    “this is what we plundered from a USMC last year and had been used tons of time for.... u know the rest... and this might prove u what i can do brother just realize. no offense though.”

    Thank you for your understanding please take care of this matter as you see fit.
    Semper Fi
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