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  1. too bad in here too i was tricked by some annoying friends in game they were having my account info so they changed it and also my e-maill but that e-mail i never used tough so i lost 1mill account prestidge hehe still have 2 more accounts with 450 and 500 prestidge
  2. Doing al'right. Sort of getting caught between Heroes, Immortal and the new wave of not so friendly anymore Holy on server 36. lol. How are things with you.
  3. hey mac how u doing it's been a while didn't talked u ?
  4. Power crazed picking on the weak. Go figure. Weak Vs Weak minded. lmao
  5. Thanks for the well Wish's We had a falling Out with Heaven slightly and have decided to move on. Just keep my friends list up to date.
  6. Hey whats up notice to all friends. I am no longer of Heaven 3 and I am now with The Galant Order / TGO

    Heaven 3 is no longer.
  7. Christopher David Knox.
    Army brat / Navy Vet as I get my Idea for MacFarlane as Knox is decendent from that Irish Scott clan.
  8. Just figured to get out and try to get to know more people who seem interesting. Seen you posting around and figured to say Hello and such.
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