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  1. Thanks. I will be on sometime tomorrow max
  2. Sure ....
  3. Host Villains please? We will do Heroes later. I can't be on server start
  4. Ok, no problem
  5. If you are wondering what VillainZ is it is the second main alliance. If we get 100 members but want more exp members they will join VillainZ. Just another branch off main. Heroes is the training. So 2 experienced filled alliances and 1 training.
  6. Yea, ok. Sorry about that, wasn't thinking!
  7. Ok and when I post a visitor message on your profile respond on mine :P. And I'm fine with going back to Franconia.
  8. As long as you're up for it. I'd rather go back into Franconia though because i've seen many pure coining alliances in Friesland a lot.
  9. Do you want a challenge? Makes the game more fun. The 2 good states to go to is back to Franconia or Friesland. They have 12s close to the 16 which would really help with taking it
  10. I saw INFINITE's post. Hehe, are we still staying in LL?
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