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  1. Hey how are you?
  2. :P Hi buddy
  3. She hawt and awesome!
  4. why do you love lulu so much lol :3
  5. lol XD i never played it but i have played a game with the charecters in it like Kingdom hearts <3
    I love LuLu :3 why i am called LuLu
  6. Dude i so wanted ps2 over xbox because of that game, i always wanted to play it but i went with the xbox cuz me and my buddies were too into halo lol.
  7. heehee you like Final Fantasy?
  8. Most definately
  9. ya lol xD and your find the mature from the ignorant :3
  10. hahaha hey no judgement here i want more posts and drama is a good way of getting it cuz lets face it, drama and argument is fun if it gets you somewhere or you learn something new
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