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  1. Okie dokie. I'm gonna try and knock some sense into Khrono.
  2. Good choice. I am going to see what is happening now.
  3. I'm trying to.
    I'm trying to show that I'm not the same as I was when i was last on here. That I have matured and don't like rude comments from people who can't accept they are only making the issue worse by not letting it all go. :]
  4. That is good at least. I hope you feel better
  5. Oh My sister had her baby and my grandma survived her 2nd surgery. :]
    Those Things Beat All The Rest!
  6. Ahh Childish Drama once again...even though he was the one who made a rude comment to me out of no where. :]
  7. Just Deli and Empty are making a big deal about me comming back and my ex is just making my life miserable.
  8. Well, whats wrong hun?
  9. Been better....
  10. Good!- And you?
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