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  1. Lol. Same here...sort of, lol. That's why I'll probably wait till I've got some holidays or something like that.
  2. haha nice, w0w I think it's very hard to defeat you ^_^ goodluck with that haha too bad I'm busy with school lol =P
  3. lol. Awesome. I've been thinking about moving to a new server and hosting my own alliance if I get some spare time to set up a new account. It won't be for quite a while yet though.
  4. just took some copies of my picture hehehe, I think I'm planning to play evony again, if ever I get a grip of more time in the coming days hehehe =P
  5. You're back!
  6. it was cute it's not the first troll picture I ever received ^_^ haha
  7. Oh right, lol. Sorry about that pic I just posted in the "You know you're a noob when" thread. Heheh.
  8. I did ^_^, still having some forum hang overs hehe
  9. I thought you quit?
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