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  1. Oh sweet iv officially reached 100 views, very proud! Then I looked at yours ... Haha! Here I'll leave you be , gotta go 2 school. Chat later!
    From the steak, shogun! loliers
  2. my old avatar??? i change all the time
  3. Oh btw not snooping LOL but preferred your last pic you had as it homepage, both look hot but present looks a tad sultry ... What would I know though? I have jellybabies on mine!
  4. too late now!!!!
  5. Yea I'm one big steak on a comp. You should really apply for the grand evony queen status nerdbox!! Not your thing?
  6. haha makes me think of shogun steak house
  7. Ha Cool, I like your style! Shogun
  8. haha im a nerd too
  9. LOL don't tell me a stunner like you plays Evony with a bunch of nerds!
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