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  1. Ey, I hear ya man. It's extreamly hard to keep OT intact. Full time job, in fact. Kinda sucks, seeing everything die...
  2. yeah, still around, but not much to do on these forums. I can't really do much anymore but watch things fall apart.
  3. Oy, you still alive? Havn't seen you lately.
  4. Yeah, it was my birthday. Thanks!
  5. I was informed by Pi that he is fairly certain this is your birthday, so......
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Muhahahaha! lol, jk
    Btw, there's three Tiers - Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. The leader's are in Tier I, Tier II you already know, and Tier III is who you get to boss around
    lol, jk
  7. fine lol. Make me your slave... lol jk
  8. Heya... you probably know about this, but we have a government in OTD now. Storm, Aru, and me are in charge. We want you to have a possition on a thing called Tier II. Conrad's your group leader.

    Whada you say?
  9. Before he join the Christian's group he told me that he once was one and that he hated it. I believed him. Well, actully, I still do since he knows a lot about Christian Philoshphy.
    I'm gonna PM you something.
  10. well yes. he just does that because he wants to mix things up. I don't think he actually means anything he does, but I do think he has alot of spite for Evony, and he thinks by rejoining the forums all the time and causing problems, that perhaps he might have an effect. Really though, I don't think he actually means any of the insults he does.
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