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  1. Show **** or something
  2. yesh that sucks ... im trying to get suspended or something but failing horribly
  3. I have been around I just haven't seen any posts worthy of my presence.
  4. where have u been?
  5. thanks ... im racking up infracts like crazy tho apparantly the purples get angry at my sexist ways, they actually think that I am joking
  6. Welcome back
  7. It got censored both times comrade. This place is ripe for taking over comrade.
  8. Ok comrade I am assuming that we have the necessary materials to overthrow the current regime and install a so******t republic in its stead comrade?

    EDIT wtf s0******t is censored on here? There are so many things wrong about this place comrade
  9. We do comrade.
  10. ok then do we get grey military uniforms to wear comrade?
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