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  1. I could say the same My ping was at 999 in tf2 before that war puffs thing , got fixed just a few months ago. Once it's fixed you can make up for gone time right ?
  2. We both know that if my computer and gfx card didn't decide to go LOLEFFYOU just before the highlander tourny and I didn't stop playing for 9+ months, I'd be so much better than I am now.
  3. Just give me a time and a place ace
  4. Sure thing broseph.

    Keep telling yourself that.
  5. You'd be lucky to kill me ace. Very lucky Tell me when the computer excuse is done haha
  6. Sorry, I couldn't see any reflections due to the fact that your giblets were stuck on my face.
  7. Sorry what was that? I can't hear you after all the crap I reflected at you.
  8. You filthy pyro.
  9. Ace y u no fix resources
  10. That's cool, logout 10 minutes later.
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