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  1. Shawniepoo! You have red rep! Hahaha...

    Anywho, just stopped by to crush one of your dreams...I've discovered the flaw in Libertarian thinking. (STOP rolling your eyes; don't think I don't know you're doing it.) I read a clinical study about psychological thought processes and how people make decisions. Apparently only roughly 50% of us are inclined to make decisions based on reason/logic/intellect. The other 50%? Emotions. Go figure.

    Also, grats on the masters (I'm assuming you've got it by now). Also, hope you've made progress with the lady. Marriage? Babies? How's the fam? Lemme know when you start writing books so I can eviscerate them with witty comments.

    Well...I think that's it for now. Miss ya and hope you're doing well.
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