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  1. I didn't get snarky I just responded the same way I would to anyone else. As for the comment, pm the person below the post I repped and the person above, nine times out of ten its the same comment as I just go down a thread and c/p the same thing to everyone. I don't know which comment caused you to 'call me out,' as I don't think I've left you or anyone else any perverted messages for at least the last month.

  2. So you made a snarky comment in my rep, and are somehow offended when I call you out on it?
  3. I find these vm messages to be annoying as well. What are you basing your opinion of me being an idiot on? Also, how is me giving you something that I have stated numerous times to be meaningless and broken indicating that I deem it to be an appearance of worth?
  4. I actually find those little pointless rep messages left to me to be very annoying. On top of it is the further annoyance that they're left by an idiot that apparently cares too much about a meaningless appearance of worth where he has none.
  5. Nope. In other news, you're making anice alternating pattern with Alusair.
  6. wait i think i got it ... is it referring to a body part?
  7. I could give you some rope, but I don't know how to tie a noose.
  8. So no evony hangman then?
  9. Alrighty then.
  10. My imagination is very limited ... and yes not being able to figure this out is gonna bug me for the rest of the night
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