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  1. Eh...ill fix that....maybe explain it away for long-unused eyes
  2. Nearly every detail is relevant. Nothing is a dead end.

    ...And if you want to know what's on the papers, don't post someting like your character ignoring the writing, or forgetting how to read.
  3. Then gimme a hint! Something, ANYTHING (Lol )
  4. Don't you go making up a map. <_<
  5. AGH im confused...again. Anyway im totally ignoring the glowing picture thing for now and following the map. It makes things so much simpler
  6. I meant I wrote out the words for myself, not yet in the RP, because you've never read them in character.
  7. You know, you have put me in a very difficult dilemma. I have no idea whats going on, i just searched the whole RP for words on the papers but i couldnt find any, and i hvnt a clue what to do with the glowing painting
  8. Oh...yeah,....i frgot about that lol
  9. Hope you realize I did write out a bunch of words for those papers and you've been pointedly refusing to read them. XD
  10. Any hints on how to get out of the fricking place?
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