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  1. How am I going to force you to go faster?... It was a brilliant idea and I cant wait to see where you planned to take it...
  2. Er... Slow. <_<
  3. hey you... how goes the writing fer the Colony?
  4. Oh, it's all fine. No problem.
  5. sorry to be doign stuff like that to yas just Im having a rough trot of luck atm.
  6. It could work Bree, I thought LOTF was a very weird book and I can see the connection, but Im not sure but then again its your story!
  7. That's been stuck in planning for a bit... But you know what? Me here without a computer and no real wat to access my other stuff, even if it is backed up, I might start handwriting that as I wait.

    By the by, do you think some Lord of the Flies references would be worth it? Almost seemslike asimilar situation, what with the split into two factions like that on and unsettled 'island' of sorts and no way off.
  8. Righto Im gonna be a pain... Remember a couple of months ago you said you were going to write a colony story... WELL I'M STILL BLOODY WAITING! your stories are good and I'd like to see where it would go... please?
  9. Hey it hasnt come through yet....
  10. Hoi. Just wanted to ask you about something, you might like it. Poking you on skype too. Hope you get this.
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