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  1. Okay yeah I understand now
  2. I'll help Hehe out here... (I was profile browsing out of boredom. :P)

    A rule of the game states that Mafia members are not allowed to reveal other mafia members to the public.

    Last round, Hehe pointed out that Alu was a mafia member to the forum. In doing so, he either broke the rules and should be banned. Or is a civilian, seeing as Hehe isn't banned. He must be a civilian from that logic.

    Now you, granted you're a civilian. (Which you claim to be) telling Hehe your role, and allowing the confirmed civilians to possibly use your role for the good of everyone would be in your best interest.

  3. I did, I was about 3rd or 4th I think...maybe 6th
  4. If you haven't yet, post in the mafia thread so Revo can add you to the next game.
  5. Yup yup
  6. Are you playing in the next mafia?
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