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  1. Get on skype. Y u no on skype
  2. Thanks crappy.
  3. Happy birthday jpa
  4. Connection's all good. I have/make enough cash to cover my utilities so nothing should go out of wack. Computer should be good for a while aswell.

    Things are looking golden *knocks on wood*
  5. So how long will this stay be >>? Is the internet connection all good now ?
  6. What's up bro?

    I've just been busy in life. Plus my computer got busted (again) so I kinda dropped the internet stuff for a while.
  7. Hey it has been awhile! How is uhh, wait , what were you doing again
  8. Well I haven't been keeping up to date with it, but on this, yeah, seems they're behind it... Wonder how long they'll keep it under....
  9. The original Anon attack was because Sony had some PS3 hacker arrested. Then they died off and things returned to normal.

    A couple days later PSN goes down for no reason without Sony giving any details. Suspicious much? :P
  10. Anon is the one who went against the west boro right ? Why would they do it ?
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