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  1. You have a section entitled, "Quick notes on earning medals" under that you have a bullet point that states that you have to conquer the valley to get a medal which is incorrect. Please fix it.
  2. can you put i copy of the exact location of it plz cause im not sure what you talking about...
  3. In the quick note on earning medals section.
  4. what part is that?
  5. You can just attack a valley and get a medal, I'd change that.

    I'll read the rest in a bit.
  6. hey ill think you will be impressed with the guide now lol i also through in some stuff about medal drop rates
  7. ok on a scale from one to ten how good was the information?
    then on a scale 1 to 10 how good was the guide overall?
  8. Hey, also I saw the medal guide, looks much better now.
  9. hey man =]
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