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  1. Pretty good.

    Decide if you want to join Epitome? We're 8th right now with only 31 members. lowest in the top 10.

    We could always use more experienced people.
  2. Hey!!! Hows it going?
  3. Alright.

    Hope to see you there, we're looking to get as many experienced people as possible.
  4. I'll consider it...
  5. Nice,

    Every think about joining the 100 server under our alliance? (Epitome)
  6. Hehe... Spent the last hour making this...
  7. =)

    No problem.
  8. Yea, I saw thanks!
  9. Woo!

    Thanks again!
  10. Cool.

    Also, I've added you to the Experienced user section now.
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