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  1. Long time no see ... You still alive?
  2. Or maybe it is that I that is weird for not hearing any of them :O
  3. none of them? really! wow i always knew i was odd, but jeeez that takes the cake
  4. Do I get a welcome back present
  5. welcome back naughty, the place has been to quiet without you xoxo
  6. I couldnt see who repped me till I got below 4 infraction points ... but yes my sense of humour got discriminated against.
  7. There is no such thing on the internet females with a good sense of humour and that like getting to racks!!
  8. roflmao no i'm not a guy
  9. If you're a guy I'm gonna commit cybercide after sending those rep messages to you ...
  10. haha, nice to see we have a shared interest... getting to racks ;-)
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