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  1. thanks chicky
  3. i am not playing the game any more, no.

    i was going to kill all the troops in the account on the titans host, fluffybuny, but the **** truced before i even got a report.

    i will probably stay on forums altough i will be a lot less active.

    sooner or later evony will probably suck me back in again
  4. i got double doorstepped and was too tired/hungover to think straight, some people have no respect for my social life lol. You haven't really quit have you?
  5. why did you truce last night?
  6. just check the box on the right hand side of the message and then go to the bottom and click approve message, all it says is Merry Christmas, not sure why that is moderated.
  7. arrrgh you're killing my ocd, i can't delete the moderated message from you without knowing what it says, and the pending notification is making my brain itch
  8. yeah its fun to laugh at the boys having little measuring contests, i'd hate to disturb them
  9. i see you lurking on 158 thread...alot of smack talking lol
  10. im not sure...i haven't gotten an infraction in forever
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