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  1. much appreciated
  2. I decided it has been too long since I last stalked you.
    soo, I though it was time to delight you with..

    *Imaginary drumrolls*

  3. kinda.. i think. lemme upload it.
    And gooooood morning sunshine! pmsl
  4. Did you finish the sig?
  5. They love me
  6. You naughty boy you. So you're being punished.
    And this is the best thing they could come up with?
  7. It's because of all my infractions >_>
  8. Your message is unnaproved. Lmao!
  9. don't worry, deep in my heart i know how you feel
  10. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to *jdm* again..
    Gah, annoying buggers. And I was gonna send you a proposal.
    So far this polygamic thing does not seem to be working for me.. *sigh*
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