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  1. I added you. What's up?
  2. Prof, I gotta question to ask you. Message me on Skype. ID: rasterbee

    Do it now!
  3. Tolololol
  4. Excuse me, sir.

    If you would be so kind, you will acknowledge this communique as your first warning.

    The People United Against the Butthurt Losers Who Immediately Red Rep the Person Who Red Rep'd Them are watching and not pleased by your immature actions.

    Please proceed with the utmost caution.
  5. I am back playing the game.
  6. Did you start playing the game again or just return to posting on the forum?
  7. They seriously need to make sure they get mods form all time zones. Thats what they do in many other forums I use. Makes me mad when people not only spam but make ridiculously long and racist spams.
  8. Prof, sometimes there aren't any mods on.
  9. Ah I see...
  10. The trollaccountXX accounts are always just 1 person who used to be a forum regular until he got banned. He's a real person who is still kinda friends with some people here

    The account you just replied to is just some auto spambot computer.
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