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  1. Fall? *sob*
  2. Well, hey...better missing than dead? I mean, for now?
  3. Never seen anyone smiling like that cuz they were missing *grin*
  4. I'll read more of the paper here in a bit. I'm missing, huh?
  5. *shares secret stash of candy*

    did you read the newspaper?
  6. *Hears arm twisting and popping with Luda Logic*

    Yeah, and I try to ask more for 'kick-ass' and 'sexy', but sometimes, it turns into 'cute and sparkly'. :P
  7. Well you could wear it right? You requested a sig, you got a sig. You don't have to wait for others if this is what you like, right? And If someone was making you one already, well you can wear it after or something. I'm surprise you have that much self-control, the sig he made is amazing!

    Also, I was looking at your current sig, looks kind of cute and almost sparkly to me aswell *grin*
  8. I did mean what I edited to my last post in the sig request thread. I might have started the thread thinking about the party, but thinking it over, now I want one just to really celebrate Halloween.

    ...and yes, I really AM having a hard time trying not to just load Don's sig on right now.
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