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  1. I finally came back, I really miss you ):
  2. We miss you Fall!
  3. *Waves at Tai* Welcome back.
  4. Hugs back!
  5. *Gives Tai hugs*
  6. Haha, ok
  7. I can give you the time, and of course you will get written in! Just get caught up in Privateer first. Or, ask Holey to get you caught up.
  8. Hey hey fall! Thanks for the welcome now, it may take me a while to get my old posting self back, then maybe I can get an honorbale mention in your amazing casino
  9. Welcome back, Tai!
  10. hehehe. Im glad you are such a good healer. Plus, I decided to get shot to see if it would progress the plot any faster....xD
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