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  1. Hehe the amulets are actually platinum, and they have a dragon on them.
  2. I know he is lol. Oh never mind, I see what you're saying.. well, since you've gone and moved him, I'll just try and help him a bit
  3. Haha yeah, have fun with it... and he's the one getting teleported into the path of the arrow, not you. I'm already teleporting him...
  4. Hahaha yeah sure, 'cept I don't have an amulet. Unless you're thinking elven magic or something. I'm guessing we don't want him dead though, so maybe a shoulder shot there. Or else I accidentally moved him too close, and he gets his ear clipped, or some other nonsense. Of course, if our dear mage has skill enough, I could do something a little more drastic
  5. Heh, here's what you can do... fire an arrow at an ogre and have Kemal be teleported in front of that ogre... and into the path of your arrow.
  6. Quite lol. Nice one with Kem btw, I was half-tempted to write some in on him myself, the lazy bum. "not caring to join in a fight that the ogres were doomed to lose." He does know we're outnumbered, right? *shakes head disbelievingly* But meh. What can ya do. (aside from throw him into the midst of the mages, that is )
  7. Having fun yet?
  8. Heh, glad I missed those then Good to know.
  9. Shoot something in a vital spot, with a powerful bow, it'll die. Unless you're trying to shoot dragons I guess... but then you'd just need a much more powerful bow with much better arrows.
  10. Yeah, could do that, I guess. Though technically my app said class was marksman =P but whatevs. Guessing it takes more than arrows to kill them though, right? ('cause yes I'm a noob at RPs though based on what I've read of ogres I'd think that's a yes unless my aim is quite exact or there was magic usage). No, I shan't be waiting for an answer for to post, just let me know if I go wrong, alright?
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