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  1. No prob, and no worries 'bout not being able to join. Life happens. Hope it's going well for you at least.
  2. Hey thanks for asking me, While i do enjoy RP'ing, I just dont have the time now days (hence why my nemisis planet never got off the ground) I ended up thinking that particular planet would be better as a story and while i have a story line planed for it, i havent written it yet.

    You are more then welcome to conquer my planet (from memory its pitzburg? lol) Or have it up for capturing by which ever force you or others see fit.

    Best of luck with the RP, And sorry again i cant join up
  3. Ohai, you made an empire some time ago for Nemesis, as shown in this post: Of late, there has been made an RP known as Galactic Void which is based in the post-Nem world (implying of course that this empire is part of it), and due to unforeseen circumstance your empire's been moved near mine, and so I was wondering if you were planning to use that at all or if it could maybe be conquered >_> If you would like more info on this new RP, you can reach Holey on his VM board, or check out the app/OOC thread here: Or see what's been happening in the RP itself here: If you could get back to me on this matter I would appreciate it ^_^
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