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  1. yeah i know that feeling lol, bit more lively over here, shame you had to go, and just think when our servers merge ( would think 87/88 would) fun fun fun
  2. pretty good, kinda getting bored of the daily npc grind, I don't know how much longer I'll last in this game but before I go I'm gunna go out with a massive bang lol
  3. LOL!

    well i heard about it lol, hows 87 treating ya?
  4. haha..yea I wrecked his city before I left LOL .. wasn't expecting to kill everything actually lmao, was just sending all the troops I had lol
  5. hey, yeah not bad, at wth with kon now hehe, heard you hit yav lol he wasnt too happy bout it
  6. Hey man how's it goin? How are things with Saxons?? Hope you guys still kickin azz
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